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  • br In summary our study provides evidence that inflammatory


    In summary, our study provides evidence that inflammatory markers may be used to predict frailty in a breast cancer BMPO about to undergo treatment, and may serve as clinically useful biomarkers.
    Authors' Disclosures of Potential Conflicts of Interest
    The authors have no relevant conflicts of interest to report.
    Author Contributions
    Conception and design: Nikesha Gilmore, Allison Magnuson, Supriya Mohile, Michelle Janelsins.
    Provision of study materials or participants: Michelle Janelsins, Sharon Cole, Benjamin T. Esparaz, Jeffrey K. Giguere. Statistical analysis: Nikesha Gilmore, Lianlian Lei.
    Data analysis and interpretation: Nikesha Gilmore, Sindhuja Kadambi, Lianlian Lei, Kah Poh Loh, Mostafa Mohamed, Allison Magnuson, Supriya Mohile, Michelle Janelsins. Manuscript preparation: Nikesha Gilmore, Sindhuja Kadambi, Lianlian Lei, Supriya Mohile, Michelle Janelsins.
    Final approval of manuscript: Nikesha Gilmore, Sindhuja Kadambi, Lianlian Lei, Kah Poh Loh, Mostafa Mohamed, Allison Magnuson, Sharon Cole, Benjamin T. Esparaz, Jeffrey K. Giguere, Supriya Mohile, Michelle Janelsins.
    We wish to acknowledge Drs. Susan Rosenthal and Amber Kleckner for their editorial assistance.
    Appendix A. Supplementary data
    Supplementary data to this article can be found online at https://doi.
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